"2nd grade was a rough year for my twin girls as they had been struggling with reading and writing. My mother’s intuition was telling me this wasn’t defiance or lack of interest but rather there was something greater at play.  I had discussed this with numerous teachers and administrators who all dismissed my concerns. One of my daughters’ friends was working with Catherine specific to reading and writing so I reached out.  I vividly remember picking up my girls from that first tutoring session and Catherine asked me if I had a moment to chat. She recommended my girls be assessed by a neuropsychologist and also shared she suspected my daughters had both dyslexia and ADD. It was both a gut punch and huge sense of relief.  The remediation/clinical intervention Catherine provided my daughters over a two year period was exceptional and life changing. After my girls were no longer clients of Catherine’s, she stayed by my side through researching and selecting the right school; advocating my girls’ needs and guiding me through the 504 process with the school district; and celebrating their successes.  I know so many kids who have benefited from Catherine’s tutoring, yet her willingness to be a resource, partner and advocate sets her apart from the rest. She is now family!"

- Amy

"exceptional and life changing..."


"SHe is very knowledgeable and connected to the community..."

"Catherine was a life saver..."

"I was referred to Catherine by another mom at our school when I found out my son had fallen behind. We had just moved to Colorado and I was completely overwhelmed by the information. Catherine immediately not only took on tutoring my son but also partnered with me to begin the journey of getting him the diagnosis of Dyslexia and services he needed to be successful. My son could not read, spell, or write a sentence at the beginning of 1st grade before we saw Catherine. He is now in 4th grade and reading at grade level. Even during the last couple of years of Covid, his reading and writing have continued to grow and remain on grade level. Catherine not only has extensive training in different reading programs, she is very knowledgeable and connected to the community.  I am forever grateful for the work she has done with our son and her willingness to help us on our journey to ensure he would continue to be successful in school."

- Katie

"Catherine was a life saver for my daughter and our family. My daughter went from not believing she could read and almost 2 years below grade level to reading voraciously and now above grade level. She was more patient with a resistant learner and supported her with not just reading, but emotional regulation related to her frustration and executive functioning skills to support her in her learning process. Catherine also worked closely with her teacher in supporting me in how to best support my growing reader. It was a team effort and I would recommend Catherine highly to any family whose kiddo struggles learning to read."

- Kevin

"she was extremely supportive and positive..."



"We first met Catherine after our oldest child, then finishing 3rd grade, was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. We had no experience with these diagnoses or reading the psychoeducational evaluations which seemed very overwhelming at the time. We barely understood them and certainly had no idea what questions to ask or how to best support our daughter through this at home or school. Catherine helped us navigate the school and how to be a support to our daughter while helping her find her footing for the first time. I think our daughter expressed it best when she once described her time with Catherine as, ”it’s like I was on the edge of the mountain in the middle of a rainstorm and there was lightning and thunder and I couldn’t see anything, and then Catherine came and she was a like a helicopter saving me and lifting me up out of the storm”. When our second child seemed to be showing the same signs in 2nd grade Catherine helped us navigate an additional dyslexia diagnosis. Both kids showed wonderful progress with Catherine’s help and we were pleased with how they were progressing but when COVID-19 hit our eyes were open to a new opportunity we had never considered before. I asked Catherine one day what she thought of the idea of us homeschooling our children. She was extremely supportive and positive about this idea and she became a huge resource in helping me set up this new lifestyle for our family. The experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. As I had questions and needed help she was always there for me. She continued to tutor both kids weekly but over time she came to me to say that the kids were doing so well that she didn’t feel they needed weekly tutoring anymore. I have to say I didn’t know if they would ever graduate from that and the pride they felt at being able to say goodbye to that weekly support was huge for their confidence. Catherine continues to give them quarterly check-in evaluations so that we can make sure we are tracking where we want to be and meeting our goals. She provides me with wonderful feedback and brainstorms on how we can improve in particular areas as they develop and new challenges or goals arise for each of them. Catherine’s guidance over the years has been a huge gift to our family and I would highly recommend her."

- Lauren